Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Idler, Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Singapore summit drama

ON THE eve of the big summit, Kim Jong-un was detained and questioned by Singaporean immigration officials when he arrived at Changi airport. However, according to Sky News, it was not the North Korean leader. It was an Australian comedian who bears an uncanny likeness to Kim and specialises in impersonating him.

The officials quizzed the comedian – who calls himself Howard X – on his political views and told him he had arrived at "a very sensitive time." He was told to stay away from the summit between the real Kim and Donald Trump.

But then they let him in after aboiut two hours. Howard X says: "I guess after analysing the situation they decided it was better for me to come into the country than actually deporting me.

"After all, if they deported me the headline in the newspapers all around the world would have been 'Kim Jong-un deported from Singapore', which I'm sure is something that the Singaporean government would not want."


Howard X earlier this year ambushed a team of North Korean cheerleaders at the Winter Olympics while dressed as their leader.

Has anyone checked whether the person the American president had talks with actually was the real Kim Jong-un?


Baobabs in trouble

AFRICA'S giant baobab trees – magnificent features of the savannah - are dying in mysterious circumstances, according to the BBC..

International scientists have discovered that most of the oldest and largest of the baobabs have died over the past 12 years. They suspect the demise may be linked to climate change, although they have no direct evidence of this.

The trees can grow to an enormous size, and may live hundreds if not thousands of years.

The researchers, from universities in South Africa, Romania and the US, say the loss of the trees is "an event of an unprecedented magnitude".

"We suspect that the demise of monumental baobabs may be associated at least in part with significant modifications of climate conditions," said the team.

Have they thought of investigating any connection with plastic wrappers and bags, that are causing such havoc in the oceans? On land, these festoon baobabs as much as anything else, and these lordly trees could be dying of shame.

Crested newt

HE great crested newt has flummoxed plans by British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran to build a private chapel where he can marry his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn.

Sheeran has submitted to Suffolk Coastal District Council a planning application for a Saxon-style chapel structure on his private estate.

But Suffolk Wildlife Trust says there are records of great crested newts in the area. Ponds within the boundaries could be breeding sites.

So chapel building and wedding are on hold, pending a survey to determine the presence or otherwise of great crested newts.

It might sound fussy and bureaucratic, but these days one is on the side of the great crested newts.



Luck in disguise

A JAMAICAN lottery winner accepted her $180 million (Jamaican – R18m) prize, winking and smiling. Reason: she was wearing a winking-face emoji mask.

According to The Jamaica Star, the woman – named only as N Gray - used the disguise in response to rampant crime in the country. Nor was she the first. According to the lottery organisers, previous winners have also resorted to disguises to protect themselves.

South African readers will understand perfectly



DURBAN poet Sarita Mathur reflects on the meaning of philosophy.

What is the meaning of Philosophy, I asked my son.
He said 'Life and all that stuff'
What the mind of man is made of,
The working of the brain.
My friend said 'That which makes you who you are,
Your belief in Life'.
I said 'Simple Goodness'.
Living Life without strife.
Is it the psychology of the Brain
Or Awareness
Stemming from the heart
Or Universal Truths
Of which we are a part.
Philosophy is knowing who we are .
Our creation has been for a reason.
And we must first understand, then achieve our goal,.
This will satisfy our soul.
Unlocking the mystery and understanding sociology.
I think that is Philosophy.



HOW many jugglers does it take to change a light bulb?

One. But there must be three light bulbs.

Last word

Boxing is just show business with blood.

Frank Bruno

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